Hi my name is Jamilla Yipp, and the pictures to

your left pretty much sum up my life!

I was a mom that 16 years ago decided to

turn a hobby, into a means of income. Building

from the ground up! I took my kids on the journey with me, so that I can stand before you Today!

My beginnings are humble, but my joy in what

I do is overabundant! While raising 4 kids

with special needs and growing a Business.

I have developed a passion for shooting life as

it is.

Just know I am one of the most patient,

caring, nonjudgemental, person you could

ever meet. I love telling your story, no

matter how it is told!

Jamilla Yipp Photography
136 Harrison
Oak Park, IL 60304


Serving Oak Park, and Chicago, IL

Forest Park, Riverside, River Forest, Chicago, Hinsdale, Downers Grove, Lombard, and the Greater Chicago Area.